Online Payroll Services – Online Employee Services

Included with all online payroll services, Employee Self Services allows employees to view their own payroll information. They get the freedom to update data relating to human resources and payroll as changes occur. And you get freedom from the burdens of administrative questions that can take up time.

Employees can quickly and easily edit personal information to reflect changes in address and phone number, marital status. Best of all, it comes with enhanced security to keep prying eyes out.

Employee Self Service accounts display the following information:


Employee ID

Hire date

Birth date

Social security number (only the last four digits appear)

Address, phone and e-mail

Additional Information

Our self-service systems allow employees to run reports by specific dates for

payroll history. Plus, they can view:

Direct deposit and allocation information

Deductions, garnishments, reimbursements and advances

Vacation, sick and PTO accruals

Current and historical records of the employee's pay stubs, as well as forms

W-2 and 1099

Because we take our duty to protect your employees’ personal information very seriously, all the information available within Employee Self Services are password protected and encrypted using SSL technology. Also, for safety’s sake, the payroll manager can view the username and date stamp of the last change in an employee’s profile.