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EPI has compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions by current and potential clients nationwide. If you can’t find what you’re looking for just click HERE to send us your question and we’ll get an answer back to you quickly.

Why should I outsource my payroll service?

Payroll can be tedious and take away precious time from other functions of your company. Just one agency notice or tax penalty can be a very painful and costly experience for you. EPI can alleviate these burdens.

How is EPI different from other payroll services?

EPI takes great pride in offering superior customer service. We accomplish this by: direct phone lines to your dedicated Customer Care Representatives, a two-hour or less response to any voicemails left, an industry low client to service representative-ratio, offices throughout the country, and the most powerful software for processing payroll the industry has seen.

What other services does EPI offer?

Our core business is basic payroll processing, but we realize that many clients, as small-to-medium business owners, may need ancillary services and benefits.

We offer: Direct Deposit, check signing and sealing, over 800 management reports, a host of interfaces, a worker’s compensation program with our partner FirstComp, integrated time clocks for time and attendance needs, a fully integrated Human Resource application, and our payroll software, CheckConnect®, is available online. In addition EPI offers a wide array of business advisory services.

How long does it take to get started?

Within days of getting the necessary information, you can run your first payroll with EPI. Your assigned Sales Professional will assist in getting all of the information to be input into our system. From there, our Conversion Specialists will then audit and review the conversion data to ensure tax calculations and reporting have been correct.

Is there a contract to sign?

No. We will earn and retain loyalty through service, not contracts. Clients who enroll with EPI only sign a Processing Agreement with us; no client is under contractual obligation to use our services for a specific period of time.

Is e-mail an option for me to send you payroll information?

Yes. We have two ways for clients to communicate with us via the Internet. CheckConnect® Online allows you to manage payroll from your own computer, securely transmitting payroll when and where you choose. Or, you may use regular e-mail to transmit payroll information.

When are the funds debited from my account?

All payroll taxes and fees are debited one day prior to check date. Any Direct Deposit amounts or Complete Pay checks are debited two days prior to check date.

Whose bank account is the payroll run on?

All checks, employee, vendor, or tax (if you are on Tax Notification and not full tax service) are cut from your designated payroll bank account. You may choose to simplify payroll by enrolling in Complete Pay, where checks are from our central account. This option frees you from reconciling payroll checks each month and provides more security against bank fraud.

Does the service cover full tax filing and tax deposits?

Yes. EPI offers complete, accurate, timely tax filing to all of our clients at no extra charge. We also offer Tax Notification to clients that wish to pay their own taxes. We send tax notices and checks made out to the applicable tax agency before the due dates to help clients manage their own deposits. We will also send signature ready payroll related tax returns for quarter and year-end.

Can I begin mid-year or mid-quarter?

Yes. You may convert to EPI at any time during the year. To ensure a seamless transition we audit and review all prior history and balance all payroll liabilities down to a penny. Once you have been converted to EPI we take full responsibility for processing the current quarter and year’s payroll, paying taxes, and filing tax returns.

Will EPI Payroll complete all year-end work if I am converted mid-year?

Yes. That’s why we conduct a full audit of payroll records for the calendar year in which you convert to EPI Payroll.

Who answers penalty notices?

EPI will answer and deal with agency or penalty notices for full tax service clients. Once we run your first payroll, the full responsibility for tax payments and communication with taxing agencies is on EPI.