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Independent Insurance Agents

Independent Insurance Agents can now refer clients to the most affordable, simple payroll service in the market. The EPI Affiliates Program provides agents with an additional group of value-added business services that will expand client relationships and assist in long-term retention. Here are some of the competitive issues the EPI program addresses:

EPI provides an alternative to “Big Payroll” companies that sell payroll

services while also selling insurance that competes with agents.

Large payroll organizations are expanding their insurance sales forces and

plan to grow that part of their business much more than payroll.

With EPI, independent agents can compete with these new market

entrants while using their advantages of personal service, location and

insurance knowledge.

With EPI, you are partnering with an industry leader in payroll services.

EPI offers integrated payroll and related services to small and mid-size

employers. Our nationally acclaimed approach provides the lowest cost

and simplest payroll processing available.

EPI was created to serve the independent agent market and won’t

compete for insurance business with agents.

Agent Referral Benefits:

Sell payroll services

Sell payroll reporting

Earn more commission

Capture more business

Increase customer loyalty

Compete with “Big Payroll” providers

EPI provides all training and marketing materials

Comprehensive Payroll Services:

Online payroll processing

Automated payroll payments

Payroll Tax Filing & Tax Deposits

HR Support Center

Reporting - 800 reports for employers and employees

Employee Online Services

Knowledgeable customer support

Optional Products & Services:

Workers Compensation Payroll Reporting

Expanded employee options; Insurance, 401k

Automated vendor payments

Time & Attendance

Pre-Employment screening, assessment & testing

Business Consulting, Leasing & Financing


EPI’s corporate leadership and many of our strategic partners are leaders in the insurance industry and are well versed in developing programs in partnership with Independent Insurance Agents. Our partners do business with over 10,000 Independent Insurance Agents in over 35 states.

EPI also provides best-in-class payroll processing services. Our payroll-related partners provide payroll services to over 30,000 employers in all 50 states and are rated in the top five of all payroll service providers in the country.

To learn more about the EPI Affiliates Program call 877-EPI-PAY1 or email