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Switching to EPI

Switching to EPI for your payroll services is simple. It doesn’t matter if your business uses spreadsheets, Quick Books or another payroll services provider. EPI will do the work to set-up your business and employees in a matter of a few days. Then you’ll be able to provide your employees with services that are usually only offered by large companies such as reports and forms, direct deposit, and automatic vendor directed payments.

Switching to EPI can dramatically lower the cost and risk associated with payroll related processing and increase employee satisfaction, retention and production.

EPI and Payroll Facts

Did you know?

40% of small businesses that do not outsource payroll pay as much as

$845 per year in IRS tax penalties for inaccurate filing

The average small business owner spends 35%-45% of their time on HR

and payroll tasks

Outsourcing HR and payroll on average add up to a 9% cost savings to

small businesses, far exceeding the cost of the payroll processing

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